Venue E - Flawless Beaux
flawless [ˈflɔːləs/ ] ~ Without any imperfections or defects

beaux [ bəʊz/ ] French ~ Beautiful

Flawless Beaux is an artistic mix of elegant styles with contemporary accents, giving new perspective of timeless pieces.

With attention to shapes and scale, Flawless Beaux reinvents jewelry into simple yet modern silhouettes.

Specializing in 925 Sterling silver, electroplated rose gold and rhodium plated jewellery with cubic zirconia, Flawless Beaux also offers 14 Karat and 18 Karat with real diamonds in the newly launched collection.

Delicate and distinctive, Flawless Beaux's piece will define fluidly by the wearer. Flawless Beaux can be found at Venue E, Level 1 of Man Yee Arcade.
Venue D - Poppis
Established in 2014, POPPIS is a fashion jewellery brand that aims to offer unique handcrafted jewellery using sophisticated techniques. Our collections are the reflection of nature encounters the human spirit in contemporary style.

Crafted from tiny sterling silver or brass structures, our jewelry creates intricate geometric compositions from original outlines. Exploiting the varying aspects of natural materials creates minimalist pieces with delicate details.

Every collection represents the free spirit’s strong but sensitive character.
Each style celebrates the uniqueness and dedication to individuality.
Now LEMONGRASS HOUSE has come to Man Yee Arcade! Our story started from loving the planet and with the belief of enhancing one's psychological and physical well-being thru aromatherapy. Our products contain no perfumes, dyes, sulphates, harmful preservatives or toxins and they are paraben-free and have not been tested on animals. Come and visit our shop today and pamper yourself in the right way! We are proud to bring this finest product to Hong Kong and to you.
Crabtree & Evelyn
Seeking out the most beneficial ingredients inspired by nature, Crabtree & Evelyn collection is featuring fruit, flower and plant essences. Crabtree & Evelyn product range comprises fragrances, body care products, hand creams and home fragrance. Crabtree & Evelyn now has a strong retail presence in more than 65 countries including over 200 wholly owned branded retail stores.
New Attraction of Man Yee Arcade – Aug 2016
Shop 104 – Biba exclusiv
In celebrating 35th Anniversary, Biba exclusiv is opening their new store in Man Yee.
Biba was launched in 1981 by Biba Ma in Hong Kong. The brand is popular among many executives and politicians. Biba has supplied official formal wear for the Miss Hong Kong competitions in the 80s and 90s. During the late 90s Biba was invited to enter the PRC and the Taiwan market. In 2012 the brand has decided to adapt new brand name Biba Exclusiv and undertake a major image upgrade.
Crabtree & Evelyn x Little Twin Stars Collection
From 26th May, Crabtree & Evelyn collaborates with Little Twin Stars to present Twinkle Sale. Series of shopping privileges and limited edition Twinkle sets are prepared for you! Don’t miss it. Come and visit our store in Venue B Level One.
New Attraction of Man Yee Arcade – March 2016
Shop 202 – Dr. Pillow and Mattress (DPM)
DPM™’ s advance Point-to-Point® technology is a scientific solution which can accurately configure the perfect Custom Fit Pro™ Pillow and mattress for you which enhanced the support for the neck and lower back, resulting in even support and better sleep quality. Come and visit their new store at Man Yee Arcade Level 2 to meet with their professional consultants who can quickly configure the perfect DPM™ pillow and mattress for your body.
2016-01-20 - 2016-02-14
Redemption of Lunar New Year “Red Packets”
From now on up to 14th February,2016, shoppers are entitled to redeem a gift of “RED PACKETS” upon spending a daily accumulated amount of HK$300.00 or above in Man Yee Arcade. “Red Packets” are available for redemption based on first-come-first-served basis and while stock lasts.
New Attraction in Man Yee Arcade – Nov 2015
Shop 115 – fait a main PARIS

Indulging yourself for the finest fashion, culture and lifestyle from Paris, the opening of our new attraction - fait a main PARIS will fulfill your passion for this French Chic Lifestyle. New series of fashionable lady wears are in store now, don’t miss the chance.
2015-09-03 - 2016-08-31
Venue B on Level One – Planet Popcorn
To continue the success of the previous exhibition which was well received by our shoppers with overwhelming responses, Planet Popcorn relaunched its famous popcorn again from 3 Sept 2015 at the atrium of Level One. All popcorns are hand-made by the cooks’ frying technique with finest natural ingredients. No preservatives, no butter, no trans fats, and no artificial condiments.
2015-06-01 - 2015-08-31
Venue D - Petite Jolie
We are proud to present - Petite Jolie, a company with over 20 years of experience that focuses on providing comfort and quality jelly slippers, sandals, pumps and more. Targeted on female audience, all the products are colorful and fun in nature which surely will brighten up your day especially during this summer season.
2015-05-01 - 2016-04-30
Venue C - Natural Chiffon
Founded in 2009, Natural Chiffon has committed to use the finest and natural ingredients in making cupcakes. All products are low-sugar, no coloring and no sweetener. Their fun and colorful outlook and mouth-watering taste come in standard and mini- size. You are also free to order your own cupcakes for special occasions at Venue C on Level Two of our arcade.
2015-01-27 - 2015-02-28
Redemption of Lunar New Year “Red Packets”
Shoppers are entitled to redeem our “RED PACKETS ” upon shopping and spending at our Man Yee Arcade :
-One Set of red packets for a daily accumulated consumption of HK$300.00 or above; and
-Two Sets of red packets for a daily accumulated consumption of HK$600.00 or above.
Red Packets are available for redemption based on first-come-first-served basis, and while stock lasts.
2015-01-17 - 2015-03-16
“Aunt Hosiery” dedicates to offer a wide range of European Hosiery to the ladies in Hong Kong, from regular to executive tights, from stay-ups to stockings, from fashion to back-seam tights, not to mentioned her color sheen closet and body shaping tights. With promised quality and friendlier price, all collections of Aunt Hosiery are made in Italy or imported from Europe.
Venue B - Crabtree & Evelyn
Crabtree & Evelyn - The brand seeks out the most beneficial ingredients inspired by nature to create a range of products comprising fragrances, bath and shower gels, soaps, home spa products, body lotions, hand creams and home fragrance. This autumn, Crabtree & Evelyn proudly presents the Festive Comestible Tin Collection and customers are warmly welcome to enjoy a scrumptious food tasting!
Merry Christmas
Christmas is right around the corner. To bring joy and the spirit of Christmas to all shoppers of Man Yee Arcade, our Arcade has dressed up with festive decorations. You are welcome to celebrate this joyful season with us.
New Attraction at Man Yee Arcade – Nov 2014
MOTHER COURT carries a wide range of international designer maternity wear and baby products. Their fashionable designers make pregnancy a pleasurable fashion experience through comfortable and stylish wear that can be used throughout the pregnancy and beyond. All mother-to-be and “Mother”, please come and celebrate the opening of the new shop.
Upcoming Attraction at Man Yee Arcade – Oct 2014
Shop 202 – afontane
Found in Hong Kong since 1973 and become one of the leading brands in manufacturing and retailing of bedding products. Their innovative product lines - ProModal®, Dr Pillow® and isimple® eco bedding are well recognized by the market. The opening of their new shop will surely enrich your shopping experience in Man Yee Arcade.
210 – Regina Miracle – Grand Opening on 3 September
Regina Miracle is a revolutionary brand that brings together innovation, functionality and comfort. They house an extensive selection of bras, panties, shape wear and more. All their items vary in shapes, sizes, and colors to suit customer’s wants, needs and personality while giving customer the comfort of a well-loved piece.
2014-08-02 - 2015-05-31
Venue D - Planet Popcorn
Taiwan based company founded in 2010. With their innovative favours and distinctive brand image, Planet Popcorn has become a fast growing brand in Taiwan. All popcorn are hand-made by the cooks’ frying technique with finest natural ingredients. No preservatives, no butter, no trans fats, and no artificial condiments.
Attraction at Man Yee Arcade - August
HANDSCRIPT is a brand based in Hong Kong which produces quality paper plus creative design and offers you a different way to capture and share the moments of your life.
Upcoming Attraction at Man Yee Arcade - August
Pelle Borsa - one of the most historical handbag brands in Japan since 1943. Come and celebrate the new opening of the shop.
2014-03-01 - 2014-05-15
Venue B on Level One - FLORTE
Florte Tea presents a fabulous selection of delectable teas in fruit, floral, green and herbal varieties. All of the teas combine delicious flavours with the finest ingredients that are handpicked and passed through the most stringent selection process.
2014-01-29 - 2014-02-15
Chinese New Year Decoration
To celebrate the Prosperous Year of Horse and to highlight this season of the year, a series of festive ornaments and seasonal flowers are placed at the Queens Road Central entrance, the main atrium on Level One and Des Veoux Road Central entrance of Man Yee Arcade. Come and celebrate this joyful season with us.
2014-01-27 - 2014-02-03
Red Packet Redemption at Man Yee Arcade
Shoppers are entitled to redeem a pack of “RED PACKET ENVELOPES” with any single purchase or food and beverage consumption in the Arcade at a total amount of HK$250.00 or above. Red Packets are available for redemption based on first-come-first-served basis, and while stock lasts.
2014-01-10 - 2014-01-27
Attraction: Shoe Exhibition by TITIKAKA
Venue B on Level One – Shoe Exhibition by TITIKAKA (10 Jan 2014 to 27 Jan 2014)

To continue the success of the previous shoes exhibition which was well received by our shoppers with overwhelming responses, TITIKAKA held their shoes exhibition once again from 10 Jan 2014 to 27 Jan 2014 at the atrium of Level One to showcase their latest collections. Special promotional privileges will be offered to all shoppers.
Reopen of Shop G02 – Samsonite Red
Samsonite Red is proudly presented the reopening of their shop in MYA after their make-over and re-branding. The innovative red and white design surely has brought about a young, refreshing and energetic look to the brand as well as to the shop.
New Attraction - SILVER'N GRACE
Symbolizing silver accessories to genuine affection, SILVEN’N GRACE embellishes her jewelries with sparkling cubic zirconia. SILVER’N GRACE believes that her romantic England style can perfectly marry your wardrobe.
2013-11-11 - 2014-03-10
Venue C on Level 2 – OPI
Your professional nail supplier, featuring the most popular manicure and pedicure brands – O.P.I, Sally Hansen, RCA, Jordana, Konad, JMS as well as other products, i.e. Nail Foils etc.
New Glass Curtain at Starbucks
Maintain a suitable and comfortable shopping environment to our shoppers is one of our long-term goal and commitment. So temperature control throughout the arcade is considered as one of the key issue. As such, in preventing air-conditioning loss on the Level One of our Arcade and be environmental friendly, a new glass curtain at Level One outside the seating area of Starbucks Coffee was installed.

Now, our shoppers can enjoy a coffee break at a “just-right” temperature environment after or before the shopping at Man Yee Arcade.
New attraction - BYPAC
Shop 219 – BYPAC:

Found in 1984, BYPAC is a respected professional high quality brand, specializing in producing the finest natural cashmere. Perfecting lightweight garments that are suitable for all seasons, with a dash of bold colours, the collections are ideal for women, men and kids.
New Attraction - Vaudeville and Burlesque
Shop 203-204A – Vaudeville and Burlesque:
V&B is a contemporary womenswear label based in H.K. and London.