Be Part of Our Team:
Looking for a dynamic career within a culture of excellence and integrity? Join us now!
We offer job opportunities and a motivating variety of career paths for those talents with the potential and passion to learn, and to grow together with the Company.
1. Value in Talent Development

We believe:
“Every member of staff is a valuable and crucial asset”.
“People are the critical factor for continued growth and success of a business in the long run”.
“Talent development is the heart of our culture"

With such beliefs, we aim to provide a dynamic, engaging and motivated workplace for our staff to explore and develop their potential and talent to the fullest extent during the course of their career development with Man Hing Hong. We are a people-oriented organization offering individuals opportunity, continuous support, and personal satisfaction, and encourage our staff to pursue professional development in their careers.
2. Reward and Recognition
Our ultimate aim is to recruit and retain the most talented people. Consequently remuneration packages are reviewed on a regular basis to maintain our competitiveness in the market, and to let our staff know how we value their commitment and contribution. Outstanding performers are guaranteed a rewarding career at Man Hing Hong.

Additionally Staff Awards, in various categories, are presented to staff annually as a token of recognition and appreciation.
3. Caring Company
Man Hing Hong is not just a place to work, but also a family-like place, where caring is one of the key values. We commit to being a caring employer by promoting family harmony, through our family-care provisions which include additional leave and certain financial support to our staff. The Group is committed to encouraging staff to uphold a work-life balance to maintain a healthy personal life.